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LaFaver K, Faul L, Jacob A, Depue BE (2018). Neuroimaging of Functional Movement Disorders (FMD) Before and After a Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Program Paper presented at American Academy of Neurology, Los Angeles, CA. Neurology 90, (15 Supplement), S30. 006.

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MT Banich, KLM Seghete, BE Depue, GC Burgess (2015). Multiple modes of clearing one's mind of current thoughts: Overlapping and distinct neural systemsNeuropsychoelogia

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AE Reineberg, JR Andrews-Hanna, BE Depue, NP Friedman, MT Banich (2015). Resting-state networks predict individual differences in common and specific aspects of executive function. Neuroimage

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BE Depue, JH Olson-Madden, HR Smolker, M Rajamani, LA Brenner, MT Banich (2014). Reduced amygdala volume is associated with deficits in inhibitory control: a voxel-and surface-based morphometric analysis of comorbid PTSD/mild TBI. BioMed research International

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BE Depue, N Ketz, MV Mollison, E Nyhus, MT Banich, T. Curran (2013). ERPs and neural oscillations during volitional suppression of memory retrieval. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

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Y Munakata, SA Herd, CH Chatham, BE Depue, MT Banich, RC O’Reilly (2011). A unified framework for inhibitory control. Trends in Cognitive sciences

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BE Depue, GC Burgess, LC Bidwell, EG Willcutt, MT Banich (2010). Behavioral performance predicts grey matter reductions in the right inferior frontal gyrus in young adults with combined type ADHD. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

BE Depue, GC Burgess, EG Willcutt, LC Bidwell, L Ruzic, MT Banich (2010). Symptom-correlated brain regions in young adults with combined-type ADHD: their organization, variability, and relation to behavioral performance. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

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MT Banich, GC Burgess, BE Depue, L Ruzic, LC Bidwell ,S Hitt-Lausten, YP Du, EG Wilcutt (2009). The neural basis of sustained and transient attentional control in young adults with ADHD. Neuropsychologia 

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EA Holmes, ML Moulds, D Kavanagh, BE Depue, T Curran, MT Banich (2007). Memory Suppression in PTSD Treatment?[with Response]. Science

BE Depue, T Curran, MT Banich (2007). Memory suppression in PTSD treatment? Response. Science

EA Holmes, ML Moulds, D Kavanagh (2007). Memory suppression in PTSD treatment? Science

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